Editing services for self-publishing book

Once you have placed your order, you will be provided an email address to reach our staff editor with any questions about the status of your project. Call To receive free information about how to get your book published fill out the simple form below. Authors can print the quantity they need for a book signing, event, or use POD technology for just in time delivery and inventory control.

Hourly rates may vary from editor to editor, but the number of hours to perform a particular type of editing should be comparable from editor to editor.


We have dedicated customer service phone support to help answer any questions you might have about book publishing and getting your book printed. Most popular ebook distributors e.

You might want to try a combination of the above. We will educate you about vanity presses, contracts, royalties, ISBN numbers, copyright, book design, editing, selling, and the different book genres we have printed.

Are capitalization and similar style components consistent throughout, so as not to confuse or distract the reader. Use page breaks between chapters. Cherryh Set aside an hour or two to go through this list with your manuscript, but be careful about over-editing.

Second, additional editing is a must anytime significant revisions are made, as rewriting will inevitably introduce new errors. I did [inner layout] myself, using Microsoft Word and the templates you can download from CreateSpace.

DiggyPOD will keep in constant contact with you using email and phone support, so you know exactly what is going on with your book order. Will it find its intended audience.

Books are judged by their cover, and printing companies are judged by their printing quality. I queried my Facebook fans when I reached one impasse, and they fixed me right up.

That has more than 32 pages. Will my manuscript be flawless when it is returned to me. Indirect costs like travel, promotional swag, contest fees, audiobook recording and website hosting can help sell books as well as promote your entire business or brand, so consider these items part of your marketing budget.

Self-Editing Basics: 10 Simple Ways to Edit Your Own Book

Paginating the text will help you get a real sense of how the manuscript will look and read as the pages are turned. Confused about book printing and the self-publishing process. Choose any of those additional services when ordering your book.

Make sure the company that you choose actually prints the books themselves in-house. However you choose to do it, you can write in or cut and paste in your text or cut, then draw or make notes about the illustrations.

The first square is divided down the middle with Page 32 on the left and page one on the right. No worries, we have created a website that is strictly dedicated to helping authors achieve their goal of getting published.

Always wanted to see yourself in print?

Additionally, if you order Collaborative Editing or the Professional Editing Package, you will have the opportunity to set up a one-hour consulting session with the editor who worked on the collaborative edit of your book after the edited manuscript and feedback are returned. If you are really serious about publishing, the above example skips a very important step.

Have Your Book Edited by Experts from the Nation’s Top Publishing Houses

Choose any of those additional services when ordering your book. Yes, No, and Maybe. I did the print layout myself after much research and study of formatting guides. We take out the guesswork of publishing and show how easy it is to get your manuscript ready for printing.

Our helpful video tutorials, will show you how to get your book ready for production. Update: Expanded and updated in March, to include 35% more elleandrblog.com additional 66 pages cover e-book design, page numbering and header issues for paperbacks, a revamped chapter on marketing, and more.

Self Publishing’s Editorial Service. You have finished your manuscript. Your ten best friends plus your mother have told you your book is elleandrblog.com have made up your mind that there is a market for your book beyond your ten best friends.

Editing is one of the best investments you can make in the success of your book. It can be a game changer in a competitive marketplace.

Have Your Book Edited by Experts from the Nation’s Top Publishing Houses

A good edit is often what sets a traditionally published book apart from one that is self-published. With Amazon’s self publishing services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and keep control of your work.

It’s fast and easy to independently publish your print book with CreateSpace, your digital book with Kindle Direct Publishing and create an audiobook with ACX. Meet Suzanne Suzanne Anderson is an author, blogger, publishing consultant, book coach and Canada’s foremost expert on self-publishing.

When she published her first book inshe learned just how little information there.

Self-Publishing Packages – J.J. Hebert’s Premium Mentoring & Paperback/Ebook Publishing Services

Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) August 13, -- elleandrblog.com offers expert, professional-level publishing services to self-publishing authors. • Book.

Editing services for self-publishing book
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