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They will inform you of the procedure to apply for the competition and the level, which you may skate Note: Coached Regional, Sectional, Jr. Why settle for that. He specializes in freestyle, moves in the field, choreography, hockey skating skills and off ice training for children and adults.

Trained in Canada and the US. Buy CDs or downloads honourably and legally if you can, and take care to accurately complete any music selection forms for competitions so that the royalties go to the right people. Now as a coach Sasha along with his wife, coach Jodi Barnes, works with all levels of skaters helping build a strong skating foundation.

After his competitive career was over, Vitali coached and performed many shows around the World as a Principle Skater including: Are they motivational and encouraging. You should feel free to leave as many of the musical details as you wish for me to figure out.

Contact your current coach and express your reasons for wanting to switch to another coach.


Experience in Ice Shows and Exhibitions. Senior Gold in Free skate, U.

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As a certified coach, she specialized in basic skills through freestyle. He does full overview of skaters training schedule, on and off the ice.

But some of my clients have previously had their music edited by well-known skating music editors and they tell me my work is just as good, despite costing less.

Andrea is the Adult Gold 1 Champion as well as the 4th place overall contender from Nationals. His students have successfully participated in competitions from local to Adult Nationals.

Jeanine believes all skaters need to start with a solid foundation of basic skating skills in a fun environment. Can I still use it. They establish their own schedule and rates. Vitali is a former Jr. Make sure there is no possible resolution to the situation.

He enjoys teaching all levels of skaters from beginners to build a strong foundation up to seniors to sharpen and peak them.

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If you need a file urgently for some reason an upcoming competition, a session with a choreographer etc. If you try to share the music with me, iTunes will just send me a link to buy the track rather than sending the track itself.

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My flat fees cover a certain amount of my time. I really appreciate it. Examples of unusual requirements might be if you want me to find music or sound effects for you, create several different program ideas for you to choose from, make field recordings, or something else similarly ambitious.

The better the quality of your source music, the better the quality of the finished edit. Coaches at the facility are not contracted by the club nor are they employees of the rink. Depending on your iTunes preferences the folders will be organised by either artist or album.

Storyline From the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon, former competitive figure skater Tonya Harding was never fully accepted in the figure skating community for not inherently being the image of grace, breeding and privilege that the community wanted to portray, despite she being naturally gifted in the sport athletically.

Senior Gold in Moves in the Field, as well as competed in several competitions throughout the country. The details are on this page.

He is well versed on the International Judging System and continues to develop his knowledge by meeting and discussing with world known specialists in the field. How do I send my music source files to you. Two years later, this team won the Flyers Cup State Title in You should feel free to leave as many of the musical details as you wish for me to figure out.

He is a Master of Sport in Russia. Beginner through Senior Freestyle, MIF, adults as well as choreography, power skating and off-ice jump, strength and conditioning Fee: Do you sell music. Whichever option you use, please send files to info theskatingmusicguy.

Do not isolate or make an outcast of a skater who has switched from your coach to another coach. NO lessons should be given prior to receiving confirmation of account status. The skaters are judged on five elements -- skating skills, transitions, performance, composition, and interpretation of the music/timing (for ice dance).

Marks can be deducted for illegal moves. Editing Skating Music There are basic considerations that generally apply to selecting music for a begin to use the services of someone who editing of music. It takes time and lots of money to de-velop a "library" of music suitable for the requirements of figure skating.

Editing music is as much an art form as is cho-reographing a. My skating career encompasses over 25 years in competitive and recreational skating. I was a competitive figure skater in regional non-qualifying competitions for over 10 years consistently Title: Figure Skating Instructor.

We've provided Music Editing services sincefrom a single song to an entire dance recital or production. Our clients include Dance Schools, Ballroom, Figure Skating, etc.

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Skate City. Coaching Background: – 15 Years of Coaching Professionally (since ) – Continuous attendance at professional development seminars (over 30) with World & Olympic Coaches.

Figure skating music editing services
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